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The Oakland City Council has the power to halt a reckless proposal to bring in coal by rail and ship it overseas from its port. It can do that on the basis of the proposal's significant health and safety impacts....

Feb 16 05:00 PM
Oakland City Hall
Oakland, CA

Join us for the Bay Area premiere of Dear Governor Brown, the film that will reignite the California anti-fracking movement.California is an oil-producing powerhouse, and Governor Brown has ushered in a new era of fracking and extreme extraction, all the...

Feb 18 07:30 PM
Landmark Theater
San Francisco, CA

Based on the book by Naomi Orestes and Erik M. Conway, this documentary lifts the curtain on pundits-for-hire paid by large corporations to cast doubt on scientific studies and spread confusion about a range of public threats, from toxic chemicals...

Feb 24 07:00 PM
David Brower Center
Berkeley, CA

You can help propel the move to more renewable energy by joining fellow Contra Costa residents on Leap Day at the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Internal Operations Committee meeting.  The decision to take action on Community Choice Energy...

Feb 29 01:00 PM
Contra Costa County Offices
Martinez, CA



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