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“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”
- Edward Abbey

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Apr 06 07:00 PM
Pittsburg City Hall
Pittsburg, CA

The proposal to develop a  massive crude oil storage and transport facility in Pittsburg is back on the table. The new proposal would exclude the crude-by-rail component and instead rely on pipeline and marine transport. Residents are still opposed. We...

Apr 11 10:00 AM
Bobby Bowen Center
Richmond, CA

We will explore places in Richmond that exemplify our struggle against the toxic legacy of industry and see living examples of Richmond's resilience to transition to a sustainable economy for all. This is the first Toxics Tour of this year....

Apr 18 08:00 AM
Pittsburg, CA

Idle No More SF Bay and citizens from front-line refinery communities invite you to attend one of a series of four walks, one each month from April through July. The second annual Connect the Dots: Refinery Corridor Healing Walks begins...

Apr 18 10:00 AM
Location TBD
Richmond, CA

Presentations about the history of dangerous crude-by-rail, the threat posed by the Kinder Morgan operation in Richmond, and strategies to fight for our rights to safety.

Apr 20 07:00 PM
The Brower Center
Berkeley, CA

Learn about Alameda County's plans to create a not-for-profit Community Choice Energy program with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create clean energy jobs and provide stable electricity rates for Berkeley and other Alameda County communities. This panel discussion...

Apr 22 10:00 AM
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
Lafayette, CA

Join clergy and lay leaders from Contra Costa faith based organizations to celebrate Earth Day and launch I CAN! -- the Contra Costa Interfaith Climate Action Network. The day will open with an interfaith prayer service to celebrate Earth Day....



Land - especially the hella-good-for-growing-stuff kind - is power. Few understand this better than the folks over at Occupy  the Farm (OTF) in Albany. Since their victory against Whole Foods's incursion in 2012, another green-washing corporation, Sprouts "Farmers Market" (read: super-market), has...

In early February the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved the Phillips 66 “Propane Recovery Project” at the Rodeo Refinery. On March 4th, Communities for a Better Environment sued Phillps and the County, charging that the project EIR failed to disclose...

The Coordinating Council of the Sunflower Alliance has endorsed two resolutions that support the safety of railroad workers. The first resolution addresses the issue of train crew fatigue. The second resolution states opposition to the dangerous practice of single employee train crews....

Refinery workers of the United Steelworkers Union continue to strike over serious safety concerns at the Tesoro Refinery in Martinez. Showing our support can help them sustain their struggle against short staffing, forced overtime and lack of a stop-work authority to protect...

If you can interpret that headline then you know HTML. Are you also good at combining words and pictures? And are you ready to apply those skills to sowing the seeds of change? Then you may be the right person to help...


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